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[ April 2nd, 2005 ]
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[ March 5th, 2005 ]
Yuu yuu Hakusho

1. nefariouskitten did the animation. 2. I'd rape him. base by nefariouskitten 3. I am photobucket, see me attention whore with alt tags 4. sounds kinky.
5. animation from nefariouskitten 6. fanart by soullessangel13 7. mmmmm yummy. 8. yay!
9. oh yes. animation by nefariouskitten.

Azumanga daioh

11. 12.


misc anime
14 15 Image hosted by name dropping attention whores

non anime
16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23

yyh animations courtesy of nefariouskitten.
devil Hiei courtesy of soullessangel13.

Rules: no hotlinking, credit kohaku_hoshi and comment if taking.
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[ February 22nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | blah ]

rew! lol I'm tiggy!Collapse )

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WE HAVE A WINNER, WOOT! [ February 15th, 2005 ]
Teh Winnaz!

by aisu_shishuku with 18 votes

runner up:
by stagnated with 6 votes

third place:
by akai_senshi with 4 votes

4th place:
Youth Mask and Potion
by soujiros_smile with 3 votes

5th place:
Hair straightener
by a_d_d_squirrel and
Smirnoff Vodka
by ichiro_kita each with one vote

Honorable mentions (no votes)
by darshanabear

Another Pantene
by peaceful_hope

thank ALL of you for participating, your little participation prizes will be mailed to you within a few days (if you don't have an email listed I suggest you contact me)

^_^ I am pleased, and liked all the entries, so all of you should feel really good about yourselves!
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Icons, underlings! [ February 12th, 2005 ]
[ mood | complacent ]

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COMMENCE VOTING! [ February 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Submitting to the contest has ended! now you must vote!
To vote:
comment with the number of your favorite. only one vote per person, IP logging is on as to discourage repeat voting. get your friends to vote! comments are screened as in submission post. no one but me will see. if you decide your best friend's entry isn't your fave, I won't tell :P


Teh Entries!Collapse )

Winner gets 2 months paid time or 6mos extra user pics. The entries become property of Broken Reflection and will be featured on site, the runner ups will get nifty banners and everyone else will get a button as thanks for entering.

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Livejournal/Broken Reflection promo contest! [ January 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I have decided to host a crossposted contest to livejournal from my site, only those visitors with live journal accounts may enter!

Your goal: create an ad with the YYH cast selling products!

The prize:2 months paid live journal or 6 months extra user pics. (option 2 if you already have a paid account). The entries become property of Broken Reflection and will be featured on site, the runner ups will get nifty banners and everyone else will get a button as thanks for entering.

The deadline:Groundhog's day (feb 2)

The submission place: THIS ENTRY! there will be a non biased judging, meaning no entrant that qualifies will be favored over another.

The rules: LJ REGISTERED USERS ONLY! no hentai. mild $exu@l 1nnuend0 (poor Sei has trouble with her net filter) is allowed, mild cusses are too, anime, manga and doujin images are all allowed but anime source images are preferred. You may also draw your entry. The entries become property of Broken Reflection and will be featured on site. if you do not wish your entry posted you must contact me, if you did not win.
YOU MAY MAKE UP A PRODUCT, OR USE A REAL BRAND! you may submit up to two entries!

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Yay! [ December 16th, 2004 ]
[ mood | chipper ]

"Is love"
1 2
3 4
5 6 [for some reason it won't work...]




German Insults!
10 11

12 13

Family Guy/Futurama
14 15

Bugs Bunny
16 17

Garfield and Friends

19 20

Wallace and Gromit

8: Text: "Mine" Lit. "my thing/object"
10: Text: "Begone evil one! Go back to your filthy lair!"
11: "No Kurama! Your breath smells like sauerkraut from Hell!" (10&11 an in joke with lilsoapspudz)
19: some pic of a skunk with its head stuck in a McFlurry cup
20: some gif...

Please comment and credit to kohaku_hoshi if used

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Complete set of all custom user icons. [ December 13th, 2004 ]
[ mood | crazy ]

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Welcome to my icon journal! [ December 10th, 2004 ]
Here's my icon journal posting everything I don't feel like posting in my regular blog.

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